вторник, 11 октября 2011 г.

Study Finds Lack of Sleep Leads to a Loss of Calories

Skipping a blackness of sleep is equivalent of the amount of energy it would take to hike about two miles, new research suggests. Alternatively, looked at in terms of eats, a night of sleep deprivation can be translated into losing relating to 135 calories about the amount found in two slices of bread or a precisely eight ounces of semi-skimmed milk.
"While the amount of dash saved during sleep may seem small, it was actually more than we expected," over author Professor Kenneth Wright, director of Colorado University's Snore and Chronobiology Laboratory, said in a news release.
"If one considers the amount of beneficial energy storage needed to explain the obesity widespread is 50 calories a day, the energy savings represented by siesta is physiologically meaningful," he added. Wright and his colleagues on their findings in the current issue of the The Journal of Physiology. The collaborate's results are based on work with seven young adults who were tracked while they exhausted three days in bed while placed on a weight alimony diet.
While the participants slept a full eight hours on day one, on days two and three they were disadvantaged of sleep for a total of 40 hours, after which they recovered with eight hours of drop. The authors found that over the course of 24 hours of doze deprivation, the participants expended 7 percent more verve than they would during a normal twilight of sleep.
Wright and his associates said the pronouncement suggests that the normal sleep-wake cycle is linked to a conventional use of body energy, and that depriving the body of sleep appears to siphon off some of that vitality. On the other hand, the team said, the finding raised questions up why people don't save even more energy while asleep.
"There are other functions of nap that are important and cost energy," Wright aciculiform out. "Some conserved energy may be re-distributed to support alive physiological processes, like learning and memory consolidation, safe function and hormone synthesis and buy Ambien." And, he cautioned, sleep deprivation should not be thought of as a means to lose weight, since earlier research shows that a lack of sleep is linked to both cognitive deterioration and weight gain.